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Friday, July 2, 2010

Without you

Never noticed what it feels like to be without you
Feels like I took my last step and my last breathe 

And my life ended
Had to say just what I was feeling, girl
'Cause my sun doesn't shine 
without you.

People regret a lot of things in their life... mistakes that we usually just realize when people that we mostly love already left our life. Their importance and role in your life become more distinct once they are already gone. This is one of human's weakness... we failed to foresee what will happen next because we usually just take a snapshot of what is currently happening in our life. Then, one day you'll just wake up that you are all alone... you'll realize that there's something missing in your life... you feel incomplete... without his/her.

lyrics excerpt from: Without You
Singer: Charlie Wilson


khantotantra said...

it feels empty without the person that loved us once and moved on because we neglected them.

tama ba ang english. ahahaha

Benh said...

korek pards! hehe! thanks for the comment!