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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Music. Journey. Paramore. to misery business.

Music has been part of my life and I think everyone's life too. Yes. I am a certified addict when it comes to music. I dunno... I think same with how other people connect with this language, I feel a part of me was complete once I started listening to songs. You are full of emotions and people of different nations and race connect to a universal language called music. 

Love songs, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Alternative... name it. Music of different genre but with the same purpose... to express oneself.

There had been a lot of new bands coming in and out of the music industry. Most are really talented and have unique ways of expressing themselves. Be it mellow, acapella, loud or noise. I was one of the million people all over the world who appreciated the music of this band called Paramore. 

They were introduced to me by my sister 2 years ago with their new single that time called Misery Business. The band and especially the lead vocal "Hayley Williams" really caught my attention. From there, I begun to listen and start discovering some of their unreleased songs, even demo songs that were not on their album. I discovered then another song that really made me think... I am "now" a certified fan of this group... the song "My Heart." My curiosity brought me to other beautiful songs like crush crush crush, never let this go, breathe, stuck on you, conspiracy, adore, that's what you get, emergency, and many more.

I would have not appreciated their songs without Hayley as their lead vocals. She just rocks everyone with her very strong voice considering her age that time (17 y/o) and very unique looks (red hair). I got hooked with their group, particularly Hayley, and started reading and surfing the net just to gather facts about them... latest news, what's going on, and the like. And then my research brought me to Hayley's blog... I was shocked with her latest post for her fans... When they released their 2nd album "Riot", they were really on a make or break situation. If people/fans didn't buy their album, that would be their last. The second album was released 2 years after they recorded their first album "All we know is falling". 

I said "NO!" Thankfully, Misery Business went high on charts. And the album "Riot" ended with platinum based on the number of sales. They were popular back then but I guess the biggest break they got and what made them very popular now is when they created the original soundtrack (OST) of the movie Twighlight... the song is entitled "Decode"... People then recognize Hayley's band and fans came in by storm. This is then high time for them to release another album... "The Final Riot". This album is the live concert of songs coming from both All we know is Falling and Riot album. They were certified music icon now. 

September of 2009, they were able to release their latest album "Brand New Eyes" which was welcome by the fans very warmly. It was also their highest charted album to date. A success indeed.

I am writing this post not because I am a certified fan of the group but i just thought that their music and journey is worth writing... and reading.

I was inspired in every song they composed and how Hayley soulfully sing each every song they created. 
Fame was something that never last and I know someday popularity will fade but the music they created will last forever.


optimistic dora said...

astig tong banda na 'to!

Benh said...

Sobra! :)

Jhiegzh said...

Yes you have mentioned above, I don't know this band if they haven't sung the song of my fave movie Twilight! Love haley though and love Music too!

Benh said...

Palabas na Eclipse. I'm sure you already watched it. hehe!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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