Silence. Unspoken. Unstated.
Words. Terms. Expressions.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A lot of people, including you, I guess, are very busy citing for some stuff on sale to give as a gift this coming yuletide season. For your mother... friends... crushes... BF/GF... and the like. However, there is only one thing I like to receive this Christmas. I want this wrapped perfectly. I want you to wrapped me around your arms.

Cheeeesssyy!! putek! 

Pagpasensyahan niyo na dear friends, nagaabnormal lang.

Monday, December 13, 2010


"No matter how blurred the world is, It's you whom I see filled with sparkling colors. I may not see you perfectly but I am certain, 100% of my heart, feels that this woman is you."

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finally, the long wait is over. 
The journey to your heart had already reach its ending...
A sweet ending.

From Augustus to decem
Finally I decided to step and stand in front of your heart.
I Knocked once... twice...
Never believe that you open the door wholeheartedly and let me in.

I am here.
Lying in the beach and staring at the stars.
I freely shouted in the deep and darkest of the night
"I love you" - three words that comes out of my mouth

Feels like the happiest moment of my life.
That I hope will last... 4ever.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

wag mo to i-click

Aayyy.. Pasaway ka din eh no? di mo ba nabasa ung title? Wag mo daw iclick.. ano inglisera ka ba?? in english do not push the butones. ay bahala ka na nga...

Minsan gusto ko magisip ng mga bagay-bagay pero ayaw makisama ng utak at imahinasyon ko... naisip ko tuloy na baka wala talaga akong naiisip mula sa utak ko... pero the mere fact kasi na nagiisip ako is a proof na may isip ako, db? Weird lang kasi maiisip ko na lang bigla na "ay naku walang isip".. walang mahita sa kakarampot kong utak na pinagsiksikan lang ata sa maliit kong bungo.

Hay naku... walang kang mapapala kakabasa ng poste na to.. kung ako sayo magclick ka na jan ng ibang site.. Punta ka sa site na to "" maraming chicks jan.. hehehe! Ay pano ka pla eh babae ka... hmmm.. wala kong alam na site na bagay sayo eh.. punta ka na lang dito "www." tapos post ka ng mga cheesy lines.. hehe! O ano pa ginagawa mo? punta ka na dun sa mga sites na nirecommend ko.. Aba, aba, ang kulit mo din eh no? nagaaksaya ka ng oras dito.. bahala ka.. adik!

So ganito na lang tayo, di ka pa rin lilipat ng site?? Ayaw mo pa rin umalis ah.. matapos na nga tong kalokohang pagsusulat na to.

END. Behlat!! :p

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yabang! :)

November 22, 2010 @ Manila Shangri-La Hotel. The "Accenture BPO A-List Awards" night was held. I was fortunate to be nominated and be one of the winners of one of the categories under this prestigious award given to employees of Accenture who showed excellence in their work and wants to be recognize by the company. There are 3 categories and I am an awardee of the "Delivery and Operational Excellence Award." This is given to employees that excel in their line of work and delivering not only the required output but exceeding what is expected.

This is actually my second time to be given such award. The first was on year 2008, the Huwaran Award or the Value Creator award. And before, this award giving body was called "BPO Natatanging Gawad Awards." This is given to those who brings innovation to the deal.

This would not be possible without these people who supported me eversince I started working.
  1. My Team
  2. My Co Team Leads
  3. My Supervisor & Manager
  4. My Unit Lead

 It is my pleasure to be part of the Accenture A-List.
(By the way hi-way, the event host is KC Montero and guest is Nikki Gil. I was starstrucked with Nikki, I thought she's not that so pretty but during the event, she is!! and fantastic voice!)

More Pictures
Mr KC Montero, our host.
ehem.. :)
Ms Nikki Gil, our guest.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am walking in the beach... alone. My footsteps were the only thing that accompanied me in this endless walk... footsteps that I can only see when I turn my head back despite that I am moving forward. I can also see the waves. It creates a very relaxing but very sad sound... a noise for me. A very dramatic moment that takes me back to the memories I once treasure in my life.

I hear the tweeting of birds while flying up in the sky leaving only shadows upon my face. I envy their freedom. I envy the way they swing their wings against the wind. I hope I have my own.

I was stuck looking at the different things surrounding me while walking alone in this beach, I didn't noticed that a lot of time had passed. I looked down and saw again my footsteps. A far I can see them slowly fading. 

I smiled. For some reason I did smile. It symbolizes something that I am waiting all my life... footsteps to fade.

Farther in front of me I see something blurry, I think I see a person, I think I see her. I smile...

... and I now see footsteps without turning my head back.

Monday, November 22, 2010


There are billion stars in the sky. But one star outshone the rest and that star cannot be seen up where the meteors and other bodies of galaxy is staying. That star is you.

Few people had noticed you.
Few people had appreciated you.
Most of the time you don't want to be appreciated and that is how you want your life be... simple.
But the time has come that a man had discovered the beauty of your simplicity.

A man who wants you to be appreciated.
A man who likes you when the times that you hate yourself.
A man who has been exagerratedly laughing when you are "just laughing"
A man who buys every joke that you throw at him.
A man who likes you everything about you.
He, a man, who loves you more than you love yourself.
Him, who says you are pretty when you feel you are not.
A man who sees you as a great person when you think you are not.

He who will always be your number one fan...
and the president of your invisible fans club...

HIM who synonymously means ME

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bang! Bang!

and here it goes...

I didn't know how this happen and what in the WORLD you did to me... 

that I am starting to feel the shots...  

The glimmering speed of arrow straightly stab into my heart...    
you may think that I am crazy... ohhh.. yes I think I am...

'coz I am cr8zy ov8r you. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Experience: Snorkling

This is again one of the installment post of my side trip in Boracay. Have you tried to wear a snorkling gear? This is my first time to do snorkling and I am really nervous. One simple and valid reason... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM.. :'c I was really hesitant to jump off the boat since I dont know how to swim and afraid of thinking where would the current of the water will take me. But thanks to life jacket, I am floating! Getting out of my comfort zone again is another milestone. This is such a wonderful experience especially for those who loved to see fishes under the sea. Okay so much for the talk..blah.. blah.. blah.. Here are some of the pictures.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: A Moment to Remember

"I have an eraser in my head"
-Su Jin

This  might be one of the best Asian movies I have watched in romatic drama genre.
Imagine yourself falling inlove to a perfect girl. Everything seems to go as planned and just like a fairy tale that always says "And they lived happily ever after," they thought that nothing else can separate them from each others arms. Until...

How far can love take you when the person you love will start to forget all her memories, all her past, including you? You'll wake up, hug her tight, kiss her and ask you "Who are you?"

If you are a big fan of love stories with a twist in the plot and loves Korean films, I highly recommended this movie. The movie was released in year 2004. I really don't want to talk much of the plot of the story. Just find out yourself [Don't want to be a great spoiler! :)]

Trivia: The girl in the movie was actually the girl who played the role in Endless Love Summer Scent.

Monday, November 8, 2010

NU 107 (a wave to the airwaves)

Last night aired the last songs coming from one of my favorite radio station NU 107. 

Yes, you heard it right. The station is already in sunset. Before we finally bid farewell to this rockin' station, let's relive some of the highlights of their 23 years of existence.

As the name suggest, this station was purely focused on marketing Philippine rock music. Most of the time, the new breeds of rock icons starts in this station. They started the segment "In the Raw" where they featured new breeds of rock bands and give them opportunities to showcase their talents. Hopefully with the airing off of the station, bands will not take this as a hindrance in performing and continuing their music.

One of the milestone of NU Rock was introducing the NU Rock Awards which happens every year. This event features Rock bands contributions to music industry and awarding those who had really influenced Filipino music. Some of the bands featured are The Dawn, After Image (during the 90's) and then followed by Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar and the likes. Then music evolved to sounds of Wolfgang, Razorback,and Slapshock, a more whitish rock type. Then also came in the mellow rock like those of Rivermaya, Bamboo and Sandwich. The last NU Rock Awards was aired October 29 of this year.

Rock music has been evolving throughout time. And with the closure of one of the legendary Rock Music starters, I hope, as a rock music fan, this will not stop music industry from playing rock music in the airwaves!

So long NU 107! Thank you for sharing us wonderful music and Filipino talents!


Friday, November 5, 2010


Naalala ko pa nun.. College ako nung magsimula kang maging sikat. Sa sobrang kasikatan mo ay nahumaling din ako at nakijoin sayo. Naging masaya naman ako at dahil sayo marami din akong nakilala... naging kaibigan. Hindi nabubuo ang araw ko ng hindi ka man lang nasisilayan... kung baga hindi mapakali pag di ka man lang nakita.

Namimiss ba kita? hindi din. Cguro dahil may nakita na kong iba. Dun mas naging masaya ako. Mas patok ang mga gimik at talaga namang samdamakmak ang naging kaibigan ko. Oo, nahigitan ka niya. 

Masakit mang sabihin ngunit naging desperado ka.. nagawa mong maging copycat! kung baga sa DVD, naging pirated ka! Kahit alam naman nating mas nauna kang nanghumaling ng mga tulad kong naging fanatic sayo. Nakakabwisit ang ginawa mo! Dahil sa sobrang inis ko ay nagawa kong patayin ka sa sistema ko.

Patawad... Frenster account ko.


Naalala ko lang ung frenster natin. Ako, ikaw, tayo.. alam ko lahat tayo may profile dun. Nakakamiss bang magmakaawa para lang sa testi?^_^

testi naman jan!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Blog Award

WOW! I received my first ever blog award. Thank you CLAUM for this 'One Lovely Blog' award. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


She is a complete stranger though we have been working on the same building, same roof, same deal, same team. I was busy with my life & my attention was focused only on working. A choice to devote my whole time on work.

She stepped in my small world when suddenly I moved out to go to another change I need to face. What the?! I guess we're not meant to be.

Time passed by. I am still busy as she is. Logged in at work, logged out. Friday night. Tipsy Saturday, Sunday family day... and back to Monday madness. We did not notice each other.

As the saying goes, everything will fall to their places...

One day, unexpectedly, we cross our paths in a cafeteria. I just noticed her eating together with a friend. They stepped out, we came in. But the funny part is they went back... coz they forgot to pay their bills... I can't help but laugh and throw a joke at them. That would be our first meeting.

That coincidence was followed by another conversations and so on.

One word to describe the girl... Mysterious. When I say mysterious, she really is! And maybe that is the reason why I crave to know her more. Makulit ako at nakahanap siya ng katapat niya. :)

I want to know her more, I want to see her, and I want to kill time with her.

coz... I am happy... and that's what matters.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Break!

We had an event last October 29 to celebrate the Halloween at the office. To make this even more fun and everyone engaged, GPW (Great Place to Work) organized a competition between each team. The competition is for the following:
  • Best in Horror costume
  • Best Team in halloween theme
  • Best Loot Bag
I was on training attending presentation dynamics for two days including Oct 29 so I had my team prepare something for the event. We didn't really prepared that much and worry not about the competition. We just wanted to participate and not left out from the event. The girls from my team wear witch hats while the boys are either on scary clown make-up or wearing horror masks. This is my team: 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Uno, Dos, Tres, SINGKO

People's favorite number back in college days is 1 while the least is 5. Simply because 1 or uno stands for a perfect grade and 5 or singko means you failed the subject. But you know what, I don't believe in these numbers nor in grades. Yes, I DON'T BELIEVE IN GRADES.

 courtesy of

Our parents were the ones who pressured us that everytime we present them our classcard, they expect high grades that falls either on 1, 1.5, 2, 2.25 and so on. But giving them tres, kwatro or singko will surely followed by endless sermon. Why? Because parents believe that these grades reflects how you fair in your subject... how much you have learned from your university... how good or excellent you are in your comprehension. But I beg to disagree. These numbers do not reflect who am I as a student.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl is my all time favorite Korean film. This is the only movie I watched twice in just one sitting. There is something on this movie that made this really exceptional. (Let's not talk about the remake of hollywood 'coz it really pisses me off! :)

Simple and funny movie plus a very pretty girl made this movie a truly one of a kind. I wonder if there really are Sassy girls out there just like "the girl" on this movie. For this movie, I would like to share only one... the letter of "the sassy girl" to Gyun-woo. On this letter, revelations kicks in.

This is the letter they buried under the time capsule. The letter speak of what the girl truly feels and the ultimate confessions that explains why she acted like that

This is the letter written by "the girl" to Gyun-woo: (Warning: DO NOT READ!! If you plan to watch the movie. This letter will spoil everything!)

Gyeon-woo! How are you? I was so happy while being with you. I'm not sure if you knew, but the person I loved passed away. The day when I first met you was the day he died a year ago. Actually, I tried to look for him in you. I know it was wrong. I'm sorry. I also met him on the subway like you. I was really sick at that time. He did everything I wanted, like you did to me. Under this tree, we planned our future together. But he suddenly passed away. While I was dating you, I met his mother often. She wanted to introduce a nice man to me, but I couldn't. The day I first met you, I came under this tree, and I prayed to him. To let me free. When I met you, this occurred to me. That maybe... he introduced you to me. But the more I met you, he seemed to grow jealous of you in me. The more I liked you, I felt guilty inside. While the two of us are apart, I want to forget him alone.

This would be one of the best part of the movie. Sadness comes in after an hour of laughter throughout the movie. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010


It's been a busy texting mode eversince we had the chance to meet each other and get to know each other well too. Didn't noticed that you already reached...

888 text messages

saved on my cellphone inbox. .

and it's still counting. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hayskul Layp

Advertisement: Naisip ko lang magpost ng ganitong topic dahil sa sobrang haggard at toxic ngaun sa trabaho ko. Nakakapagod tlga at talaga namang naubos ang energy ko ngaun. Mag SL kaya ako bukas? joke. Kaya isip ako ng isip ng masasayang nangyari sa buhay ko. At naisip ko, ano bang parte ng buhay ko ang pinakapetiks at pinakasimple pero pinakamasaya din... hayskul layf.

Sana balik hayskul na lang ako. Napakasimple ng buhay. Mag-aaral ka lang, hingi baon, puro laro, puro crush! :). Ang saya ng buhay, walang kapressure-pressure 'di tulad ng pagtatrabaho. Lahat ng kalokohan ay una kong natutunan nung sumampa ako ng hayskul, second year hayskul to be specific. Nung first year hayskul kasi matino pa ko hanggang mapasama ako sa barkadang abnormal (pero proud ako sa barkada na 'to na hanggang ngaun ay makakasama pa rin kami).

Sa hayskul ako natutong mag cutting class. Rewarding din 'to eh lalo na pag first time mo ginawa.. todo kaba.. sa titser at sa parents. May mga over d bakod moments pa kami nun. O di kaya naman after lunch eh hindi na bumabalik sa skul.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Experience: Reef Walk

Going back to Boracay... My bestfriends and I had the chance to experience what they call "Helmet Diving" or popularly known as the "Reef Walk." Using a 30 kilo helmet (yes, i am not joking, its a 30... thirty... trenta... tatlumpu) that will be put on top of your head covering your entire head & neck. But don't worry as explained and experienced, the 30 kilo helmet will loose weight when under the sea. The 30 kilos will become a whopping 2 Kilos only! Amazing! Hehe!

Before we tried the helmet diving, we were still half-hearted. The mere fact that it's really scary below and plus the devil's advocate of loosing oxygen supply under. But since its a once in a lifetime experience in Bora, tapang-tapangan kami. 

Once you are under the sea and walking (literally), it was really a wow! You'll get to see fishes surrounding you. And of course, this can't be complete without these things - picture taking and video! 

Here's one of the pictures I wanted to share with you. We were playing "habulang gahasa." Guess who's the loser! :)

And of course I can't end this post without sharing the rate. We were 5 and we got this for P400/head. We were in Boracay last September of this year (off-peak).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Puro Landi

Sadya nga namang naparaming malanding tao sa mundo. Mapababae, mapalalaki. Ito na daw ang "in" ngaun. Kaya nga pati sa social networking tulad ng facebook eh sumikat ang status na "It's complicated" na minsan nauuwi sa "In a relationship" o "In a relationship with ___" kung proud ka. Minsan naman bumabalik sa "single." Naisip ko lang, magsuggest kaya ako sa facebook team ng isa pang status, "Single and complicated," in short puro landi lang ginagawa.

Masama bang lumandi? Eh pano kung ikaw na ang nilalandi, papalandi ka ba o magpapakasuplado ka? hehe!

Eto na nga ata ang bagong trend ng "New Generation" at minsan pinaglaan ni Rizal ng mga katagang "Nasa Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan." Ano pa? hindi ba't uso na rin ang baby muna bago kasal? Na kung salitang kalye lang eh ang tawag natin jan eh "disgrasya" o di nakapagingat o "natyambahan." Araykupo!

Maswerte din naman ung iba na pinapanagutan ng lalaki ang sarap na pinagsaluhan nila na sunod naman ay hirap sa maagang pagaasawa, lalo na ang maagang parenthood. Masakit isipin na pababa ng pababa ang age bracket ng mga taong nagiging magulang na... isama mo pa ang pataas ding trend ng "single parents." Hindi bat narevise na din ang batas patungkol sa pagpapangalan sa anak ng mga single parents? Maaari ng isunod sa apelyido ng babae ang anak na hindi na pinagutan ng abnormal na lalaki.

Eto, eto na ang salamin ng kabataan ngaun. Ikaw makikiuso ka ba?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ayeeee! :)

Kung iyong mamarapatin
Ringgin ang puso kong isa lang ang hiling
Iyong ipadama sa akin ang lambing
Sure ako, sa tuwa ako'y mapapatumbling! :)

Tinamaan ang puso kong talaga namang
Iyong iyo, binihag mo pa!
Nariyan at nakalimbag, pangalan mo ata
Ewan ko ba anong taglay mong hiwaga?

Alam ko na kung bakit ba ganyan
Nahihilo at nalilito na naman
Oras ay lumilipas at hindi namamalayan
Relo ko'y tumitigil pag ika'y kakwentuhan

Ay ewan! san ba ito patungo?
Buhayin mo sana ang natutulog kong mundo
Eh kung ikaw na lang kaya ang mundo ko?
Nanaisin mo bang umikot ang buhay ko sayo?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Babala: PG18

Naranasan mo na bang sumakay sa elevator? 
Naranasan mo na bang sumakay sa elevator at may nakasabay ka na chick?
Naranasan mo ba bang sumakay sa elevator, makasabay ang isang chick at mawalan ng power supply?...

Pwes ako hindi pa. Hehe!

Pero ninais ko na ding mangyari sakin yan. Para bang sa mga pelikula ko lang napapanood yan. Napakaswerte ko siguro na kahit na matrap ka sa loob ng elevator eh chicks naman ang kasama mo.. malay mo may mangyari! Haha! Magkadevelopaaannn.. eto.

Pero naisip mo na ba na ang pinakamakasalanang parte ng tao ay ang pagiisip? Oo. Isang salita para maniwala ka... Pantasya.

Sino ba namang kalalakihan jan ang hindi nagpantasya kung kanino... at derechuhin na natin.. malaswang pantasya! Haha! O db db? umagree ka! lahat naman ata nagdaan sa ganyan.. May crush ka pero may pinapantasya ka din...

"Madalas kayong magtagpo sa iyong isip sa tuwing nagiisa ka't nalulumbay o di kaya naman ay wala kang magawa.. brownout at madilim ang paligid. Madalas mo din ciang kamustahin bago ka maligo. Sinisilip mo ang mapula niang labi at hinahawakan sa iyong isip ang bundok ng pagnanasa... Hindi ka pa nakuntento at pilit ding pinasok ang kagubatan na halos ikaligaw mo na... Ikawala ng iyong ulirat... feel na feel mo at halos ayaw mo na matapos sapagkat sa muka niay bakas ang kaligayahan na animo'y gustong-gusto din niya. Hayan na, malapit... ang climax ng inyong pagkikita.. hanggang sa muli aking pantasya."

Kung bitay lang ang katapat ng maduming pagiisip ay malamang konti na lang ang populasyon sa mundo. Kung nababasa lang natin ang isip ng bawat isa malamang ay isa din ako sa kahiya-hiyang haharap sa'yo. Ayoko magmalinis at gusto kong magpakatotoo. Galing na ko jan at di ko din masabi kung tapos na ko sa ganyang istilo ng pagiisip. 

Sadya nga namang makasalanan ang tao..

Sa isip, sa salita, ngunit wag naman sana sa gawa! :D

Saturday, October 9, 2010

License to Kill

Marahil ay narinig mo na ang malupit na kalokohang tanong na ito: 

Kung bibigyan ka ng lisensiya para pumatay, sino ang papatayin mo?

Bibigyan kita ng option to write whoever you want to KILL. Just write their name on the space provided. Sila ung mga halos sumpain mo na.. Balikan mo ang buhay estudyante mo, buhay empleyado o buhay ordinaryong mamamayan.

Candidate #1:___________
Candidate #2:___________
Candidate #3:___________

Tapos pakisagot to:

Would you kill someone to save a life?
Would you kill someone just to prove you're right?
What do you think? Would you?..

Thursday, October 7, 2010


People always argue with different things. Be it academic, politics, showbiz, economics, relationships or any topic under the sun. But have you think why we did so? I know for years that you lived your life in this cruel world of us, you encountered people you have conflicts with. There's your sister, your brother, your parents, your friends, your girlfriend/boyfriend, ex-gf/bf's, your teacher, the mean girls, the mean boys?:), a stranger, etc. Soon, they'll become your enemies, which I hope not.

I believe that the root of people's continuous conflicts and arguments is due to misunderstanding. If people learns to communicate and empathize, there would be no fights and misunderstanding. I know that each of us have their own set of thinking and views in life... but its not about who wins and who concedes, it's about learning to accept the fact that you cannot persuade everybody. Learn to respect and I am sure, respect will be offered back to you.

Think about it, why do relationships never last? Isn't because of miscommunications? If they just sit for awhile and talk about their problems emphatically, will they broke up? I guess the answer would be not. Think about breakthroughs, email and text messaging increases the chance of misunderstanding and misinterpretations. With just an incorrect choose of words, it creates a perception, which in turn becomes a conclusions. It really happens.

I know that misunderstanding is already part of human life cycle and something that we cannot avoid. But it would be best if we try to understand the people we have conflicts with... think where they are coming and why do they think that way. Do not persuade them, instead understand them.

Do want to live an entire life without peace of mind?

I don't want to.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Am I really?

A big "sigh.." to start this post!

No, you are wrong! It is a sigh not of disappointment or frustration but of happy thoughts.. that I wanted to share to anyone who's willing to devote a couple of their time reading this nonsense work of mine. :)

How can you know if you are inspired? It's a pretty simple question that you may think anyone can answer including myself. I would assume it really is coz I know all the answer that will come out of your mouth sincerely came from your heart... plus a big smiling face! Haha!

I have once wondered why suddenly I wanted to come to work on time, do my daily task without complaining (which we usually do.. hehe!) and thinks positive all the time despite the hassle things surrounding me. I searched for the answer and this word pop out in my head just like an invisible bubble - INSPIRED.

I think, therefore I am.

She may have the bitter smile among them but why do I see it as the sweetest... I wonder. I think I have a crush on you. Don't get me wrong, at my age, crushes still exist. Don't argue with me.. haha!

It is your...

...shiny long black hair that I keep staring with.
...eyes that I always dream to look at me.
...hands and fingers that I wish to get lock with mine. that I adore with.
...text messages that I kept on my inbox.
...emails that I always wait crashing on my mailbox.
...get-up that was so fashionably in.
...moody attitude that keeps me going crazy. lols.

I know this is not my normal self. So am I really inspired?

"God damn stop asking that, you idiot!" ~my evil conscience >:)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 Seconds to Mars

I just recently discovered this band "30 seconds to Mars." I was actually on the mall looking for a new headset/earphone to replace my IPod earphone since the right piece is no longer working. While strolling and looking for a store that sells good quality earphones, I passed by MAC store that sells, of course, IPod series. I tested and listened to one vacant free-to-listen ipod (but i listened not because I am interested with the Ipod since I already have my own IPod touch but to test the quality of headset they are using, which on that time is a Bose headset). But oooppss, that god damn headset cost P8000!! What the.. Before that, the song playing on the Ipod was a song from the band 30 seconds to Mars, "The Kill." I enjoyed the song and memorized the name of the band. The song was catchy and easily get my taste of music since I am into rock genre. When I got home, I hurriedly search the internet and downloaded that song. After sometime, I have discovered some of their popular singles and after a week, downloaded their 2 albums!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review: The Alchemist

I would assume that you are lucky enough to enroll on humanities subject and been able to register on a subject were you mostly read books/novels and do either a reaction paper or review of that novel. However, most of college students don't feel reading a whole novel for the rest of the semester mainly because its sort of boring, I guess...

But you'll be MORE lucky enough if one of the novels that your professor require you to read was a novel entitled "The Alchemist" written by Paulo Coelho (i just hope you read it.. hehe!). This would probably the best ever written novel by Paulo Coehlo. I just love how the phasing of the story goes and with about less than 200 pages only, the story was smoothly plotted.

The story revolves on the main cast, Santiago, and his journey on searching for the "treasure." Did he really find the treasure that he is looking for or was it just a legend? The answer is on the book! So better grab one now! :)

Highly recommended for people who is searching for something that can make them complete. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Experience: Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the attracting "To Do's" in Boracay. And for me, this would be the best activity so far. You will definitely enjoy your 15-minute ride with this big balloon, just like the feeling on a parachute! You will see how vast the sea once you saw this 100 feet above sea level. Not only that, you will definitely enjoy the cool breeze too. Me and my friend had the chance to experience this when we were in Boracay. We have it setup so when we rent for a ride, its around sunset time. And damn, everything was so perfect when you are up above! Not to mention a perfect background too! I hope I can share more pictures but unfortunately, we still unable to upload everything. Although the activity was too costly, we got it for P1,100/head, I can say that its really worth the price! Here are some of the pictures of my bestfriends enjoying the parasailing experience! :)