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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Break!

We had an event last October 29 to celebrate the Halloween at the office. To make this even more fun and everyone engaged, GPW (Great Place to Work) organized a competition between each team. The competition is for the following:
  • Best in Horror costume
  • Best Team in halloween theme
  • Best Loot Bag
I was on training attending presentation dynamics for two days including Oct 29 so I had my team prepare something for the event. We didn't really prepared that much and worry not about the competition. We just wanted to participate and not left out from the event. The girls from my team wear witch hats while the boys are either on scary clown make-up or wearing horror masks. This is my team: 

For loot bag, we prepared a casket (holding by one of my associates). This casket is full of candies for trick or treat! :) Of course, you need to open it first before getting goodies, good luck! Haha! 

We didn't won anything in the competition but participating is one great experience for us.

We are CAT/R&R Adjustments team.

We are One Team. One Goal.


We Breathe... Performance!

Happy Halloween!


Traveliztera said...

hahaha niiiiiiiiice one naman!
happy halloween! :)

Ako si Yow said...

Naks. May slogan. Haha. Mukhang ang sayaw. I've never been to a halloween party. Mukhang ang saya pa naman. :) Happy halloween. :)

tim said...

whoa, we never celebrate halloween, kasi nga di daw dapat. hahai.. happy halloween!

YanaH said...

mukhang ansaya!

happy halloween!

khantotantra said...

happy halloween. All black lahat ng nasa pic ah. superb ang inyong party party!

Poldo said...

happy halloween!
pero teka may napansin ako dun sa 2nd pic!! bakit parang naging magkasama yung dalawang mukha nung lalaki sa likuran!!!!

sikoletlover said...

happy halloween benh!

hangkyut nung casket :D

HaLoJiN said...

benh happy halloween_ hahaha ang kulet my good luck pa pag bnuksan yung bag? haha my m0nster cguro dun -halojin

Benh said...

All~ Happy Halloween! Hehe! Lam nio ba na sa ibang bansa eh mas pinaghahandaan ang halloween kesa sa Christmas? Trick or treat! :)

@Poldo~ ang adik.. muka ngang naging isa sila.. meant to be! haha!

Axl said...

Ohayou.... happie all soul's day,,,
enjoy that event :D

Benh said...

Salamat Axl!

Benh said...
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Benh said...
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