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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


She is a complete stranger though we have been working on the same building, same roof, same deal, same team. I was busy with my life & my attention was focused only on working. A choice to devote my whole time on work.

She stepped in my small world when suddenly I moved out to go to another change I need to face. What the?! I guess we're not meant to be.

Time passed by. I am still busy as she is. Logged in at work, logged out. Friday night. Tipsy Saturday, Sunday family day... and back to Monday madness. We did not notice each other.

As the saying goes, everything will fall to their places...

One day, unexpectedly, we cross our paths in a cafeteria. I just noticed her eating together with a friend. They stepped out, we came in. But the funny part is they went back... coz they forgot to pay their bills... I can't help but laugh and throw a joke at them. That would be our first meeting.

That coincidence was followed by another conversations and so on.

One word to describe the girl... Mysterious. When I say mysterious, she really is! And maybe that is the reason why I crave to know her more. Makulit ako at nakahanap siya ng katapat niya. :)

I want to know her more, I want to see her, and I want to kill time with her.

coz... I am happy... and that's what matters.


Ako si Yow said...

Whoa! Nakakainggit. Pambihira! That's the magic of love. Nakanaman. Hahaha. Stay inlove. Makipagubusan ka na ng oras kasama siya. :)

khantotantra said...

Love love has come your way :D

stay in love!

Benh said...

@Yow haha! wala lang.. inspired lang.. ang kyut nia kasi.

@Khanto I will, for sure! :)

imriz said...

nagayuma din yata ako sa istorya mo, may SECOND, o THIRD, o FOURTH pa sana ito ha.
alam mo yan ang drama ko nung araw, enigmatic kuno ang dating kaya nman nabibighani sila, este isa lang pala and dumama sa drama ko...hehe
balik ka ulit para mabasa ko komento mo, hehe

darklady said...

hmmmm..... nakakaamoy ako na may naiinlove! hehehe

tim said...

hehehehe, love love love :)

Benh said...

@Imriz haha! i hope may second, third, etc pa! yup! balik ako visit sa bahay mo.

@Darklady hahaha! sakto lang naman!

@Tim love 3x a day?

Emmaleigh said...

wow! good luck with this "mysterious" girl dude. :D

I hope by being "mysterious" it doesn't mean that her secret identity is being a manananggal right?? haha kidding!

Benh said...

@Em actually she is.. hahaha! I used to call her Aswang!