Silence. Unspoken. Unstated.
Words. Terms. Expressions.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am walking in the beach... alone. My footsteps were the only thing that accompanied me in this endless walk... footsteps that I can only see when I turn my head back despite that I am moving forward. I can also see the waves. It creates a very relaxing but very sad sound... a noise for me. A very dramatic moment that takes me back to the memories I once treasure in my life.

I hear the tweeting of birds while flying up in the sky leaving only shadows upon my face. I envy their freedom. I envy the way they swing their wings against the wind. I hope I have my own.

I was stuck looking at the different things surrounding me while walking alone in this beach, I didn't noticed that a lot of time had passed. I looked down and saw again my footsteps. A far I can see them slowly fading. 

I smiled. For some reason I did smile. It symbolizes something that I am waiting all my life... footsteps to fade.

Farther in front of me I see something blurry, I think I see a person, I think I see her. I smile...

... and I now see footsteps without turning my head back.


Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...

teka bat umienglish ka nanaman benh???inspired?perspired?lols~~~ikaw na ang idol ko...
"I smiled. For some reason I did smile. " wosshoo nice benh~~

sikoletlover said...

finally the footsteps behind began to fade. that's a good sign :)

magtuloy-tuloy na sana yan benh :D

Benh said...

@Unni ang post na to ay para sakin Unni.. hehe! Umienglish nga ako.. dumugo ilong ko dito eh.. haha!

@Sikoletlover wow! nagets mo post na to? galing2! sana nga magtuloy2 na 'to.. Am happy and I want to be happy!