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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yabang! :)

November 22, 2010 @ Manila Shangri-La Hotel. The "Accenture BPO A-List Awards" night was held. I was fortunate to be nominated and be one of the winners of one of the categories under this prestigious award given to employees of Accenture who showed excellence in their work and wants to be recognize by the company. There are 3 categories and I am an awardee of the "Delivery and Operational Excellence Award." This is given to employees that excel in their line of work and delivering not only the required output but exceeding what is expected.

This is actually my second time to be given such award. The first was on year 2008, the Huwaran Award or the Value Creator award. And before, this award giving body was called "BPO Natatanging Gawad Awards." This is given to those who brings innovation to the deal.

This would not be possible without these people who supported me eversince I started working.
  1. My Team
  2. My Co Team Leads
  3. My Supervisor & Manager
  4. My Unit Lead

 It is my pleasure to be part of the Accenture A-List.
(By the way hi-way, the event host is KC Montero and guest is Nikki Gil. I was starstrucked with Nikki, I thought she's not that so pretty but during the event, she is!! and fantastic voice!)

More Pictures
Mr KC Montero, our host.
ehem.. :)
Ms Nikki Gil, our guest.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am walking in the beach... alone. My footsteps were the only thing that accompanied me in this endless walk... footsteps that I can only see when I turn my head back despite that I am moving forward. I can also see the waves. It creates a very relaxing but very sad sound... a noise for me. A very dramatic moment that takes me back to the memories I once treasure in my life.

I hear the tweeting of birds while flying up in the sky leaving only shadows upon my face. I envy their freedom. I envy the way they swing their wings against the wind. I hope I have my own.

I was stuck looking at the different things surrounding me while walking alone in this beach, I didn't noticed that a lot of time had passed. I looked down and saw again my footsteps. A far I can see them slowly fading. 

I smiled. For some reason I did smile. It symbolizes something that I am waiting all my life... footsteps to fade.

Farther in front of me I see something blurry, I think I see a person, I think I see her. I smile...

... and I now see footsteps without turning my head back.

Monday, November 22, 2010


There are billion stars in the sky. But one star outshone the rest and that star cannot be seen up where the meteors and other bodies of galaxy is staying. That star is you.

Few people had noticed you.
Few people had appreciated you.
Most of the time you don't want to be appreciated and that is how you want your life be... simple.
But the time has come that a man had discovered the beauty of your simplicity.

A man who wants you to be appreciated.
A man who likes you when the times that you hate yourself.
A man who has been exagerratedly laughing when you are "just laughing"
A man who buys every joke that you throw at him.
A man who likes you everything about you.
He, a man, who loves you more than you love yourself.
Him, who says you are pretty when you feel you are not.
A man who sees you as a great person when you think you are not.

He who will always be your number one fan...
and the president of your invisible fans club...

HIM who synonymously means ME

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bang! Bang!

and here it goes...

I didn't know how this happen and what in the WORLD you did to me... 

that I am starting to feel the shots...  

The glimmering speed of arrow straightly stab into my heart...    
you may think that I am crazy... ohhh.. yes I think I am...

'coz I am cr8zy ov8r you. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Experience: Snorkling

This is again one of the installment post of my side trip in Boracay. Have you tried to wear a snorkling gear? This is my first time to do snorkling and I am really nervous. One simple and valid reason... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM.. :'c I was really hesitant to jump off the boat since I dont know how to swim and afraid of thinking where would the current of the water will take me. But thanks to life jacket, I am floating! Getting out of my comfort zone again is another milestone. This is such a wonderful experience especially for those who loved to see fishes under the sea. Okay so much for the talk..blah.. blah.. blah.. Here are some of the pictures.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: A Moment to Remember

"I have an eraser in my head"
-Su Jin

This  might be one of the best Asian movies I have watched in romatic drama genre.
Imagine yourself falling inlove to a perfect girl. Everything seems to go as planned and just like a fairy tale that always says "And they lived happily ever after," they thought that nothing else can separate them from each others arms. Until...

How far can love take you when the person you love will start to forget all her memories, all her past, including you? You'll wake up, hug her tight, kiss her and ask you "Who are you?"

If you are a big fan of love stories with a twist in the plot and loves Korean films, I highly recommended this movie. The movie was released in year 2004. I really don't want to talk much of the plot of the story. Just find out yourself [Don't want to be a great spoiler! :)]

Trivia: The girl in the movie was actually the girl who played the role in Endless Love Summer Scent.

Monday, November 8, 2010

NU 107 (a wave to the airwaves)

Last night aired the last songs coming from one of my favorite radio station NU 107. 

Yes, you heard it right. The station is already in sunset. Before we finally bid farewell to this rockin' station, let's relive some of the highlights of their 23 years of existence.

As the name suggest, this station was purely focused on marketing Philippine rock music. Most of the time, the new breeds of rock icons starts in this station. They started the segment "In the Raw" where they featured new breeds of rock bands and give them opportunities to showcase their talents. Hopefully with the airing off of the station, bands will not take this as a hindrance in performing and continuing their music.

One of the milestone of NU Rock was introducing the NU Rock Awards which happens every year. This event features Rock bands contributions to music industry and awarding those who had really influenced Filipino music. Some of the bands featured are The Dawn, After Image (during the 90's) and then followed by Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar and the likes. Then music evolved to sounds of Wolfgang, Razorback,and Slapshock, a more whitish rock type. Then also came in the mellow rock like those of Rivermaya, Bamboo and Sandwich. The last NU Rock Awards was aired October 29 of this year.

Rock music has been evolving throughout time. And with the closure of one of the legendary Rock Music starters, I hope, as a rock music fan, this will not stop music industry from playing rock music in the airwaves!

So long NU 107! Thank you for sharing us wonderful music and Filipino talents!


Friday, November 5, 2010


Naalala ko pa nun.. College ako nung magsimula kang maging sikat. Sa sobrang kasikatan mo ay nahumaling din ako at nakijoin sayo. Naging masaya naman ako at dahil sayo marami din akong nakilala... naging kaibigan. Hindi nabubuo ang araw ko ng hindi ka man lang nasisilayan... kung baga hindi mapakali pag di ka man lang nakita.

Namimiss ba kita? hindi din. Cguro dahil may nakita na kong iba. Dun mas naging masaya ako. Mas patok ang mga gimik at talaga namang samdamakmak ang naging kaibigan ko. Oo, nahigitan ka niya. 

Masakit mang sabihin ngunit naging desperado ka.. nagawa mong maging copycat! kung baga sa DVD, naging pirated ka! Kahit alam naman nating mas nauna kang nanghumaling ng mga tulad kong naging fanatic sayo. Nakakabwisit ang ginawa mo! Dahil sa sobrang inis ko ay nagawa kong patayin ka sa sistema ko.

Patawad... Frenster account ko.


Naalala ko lang ung frenster natin. Ako, ikaw, tayo.. alam ko lahat tayo may profile dun. Nakakamiss bang magmakaawa para lang sa testi?^_^

testi naman jan!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Blog Award

WOW! I received my first ever blog award. Thank you CLAUM for this 'One Lovely Blog' award. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


She is a complete stranger though we have been working on the same building, same roof, same deal, same team. I was busy with my life & my attention was focused only on working. A choice to devote my whole time on work.

She stepped in my small world when suddenly I moved out to go to another change I need to face. What the?! I guess we're not meant to be.

Time passed by. I am still busy as she is. Logged in at work, logged out. Friday night. Tipsy Saturday, Sunday family day... and back to Monday madness. We did not notice each other.

As the saying goes, everything will fall to their places...

One day, unexpectedly, we cross our paths in a cafeteria. I just noticed her eating together with a friend. They stepped out, we came in. But the funny part is they went back... coz they forgot to pay their bills... I can't help but laugh and throw a joke at them. That would be our first meeting.

That coincidence was followed by another conversations and so on.

One word to describe the girl... Mysterious. When I say mysterious, she really is! And maybe that is the reason why I crave to know her more. Makulit ako at nakahanap siya ng katapat niya. :)

I want to know her more, I want to see her, and I want to kill time with her.

coz... I am happy... and that's what matters.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Break!

We had an event last October 29 to celebrate the Halloween at the office. To make this even more fun and everyone engaged, GPW (Great Place to Work) organized a competition between each team. The competition is for the following:
  • Best in Horror costume
  • Best Team in halloween theme
  • Best Loot Bag
I was on training attending presentation dynamics for two days including Oct 29 so I had my team prepare something for the event. We didn't really prepared that much and worry not about the competition. We just wanted to participate and not left out from the event. The girls from my team wear witch hats while the boys are either on scary clown make-up or wearing horror masks. This is my team: