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Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep on

at the end of the day or after a long waited (un)expected outcome of an unendless longing of something...

we still manage to straighten up everything or atleast tried to...

and keep on learning...

that not all the world can offer is Good... sometime's it's Bad or...


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tokio Hotel.

Among the international bands that I like to listen to, this is one of those that caught my attention instantly (not to mention 30 seconds to Mars, too). But this band was entirely different with the music of 30 seconds to Mars.

I just recently discovered this band when it was introduced to me by my girlfiend weeks ago. I was surprised that they were German band and I don't understand any single lyric on their songs. Fortunately, after the big success of their first album "Schrei," they released an english version of thier first album and later created english versions of their succeeding albums and singles.  Their hit song "Burch Den Monsun" was later translated to english with title "Monsoon." And so their other songs like 1000 Oceans, Scream, Ready, Set, Go!, etc.

Their song "Automatic" first reigned the top 1 on Myx. Yes, our local music channel. After several awards from MTV and the first ever German Band that sold million of copies in Europe, they were finally invading Asia.

The band is composed of Twin Brothers Bill & Tom Kaulitz, Vocalis and guitars, respectively. Georg Listing (Bass Guitar) and Gustav Schafer (Drums)

The name "Tokio Hotel" was excerpt from "Tokyo" their love of the city and "Hotel" for non-permanency and always moving from one place to another.