Silence. Unspoken. Unstated.
Words. Terms. Expressions.

Sa Likod ng Titulo

"Tacit Lexis"

Tacit means silence or anything that is hard to verbalize.
Lexis means words or terms. Therefore when combined..
...any words, expressions or feelings that are sometimes hard to state. Silence would be the best way to express it. I believe that with the presence of silence, people tend to become more observant, thinks deeply and analyze things with sense.

"Sometimes Silence Becomes Noise" 
This is only to say that there are moments that silence makes more sense to us. Things that we understand even without words spoken.

This is just a combination of three words - (1) Ben (2) Enigma- which you can also see on the blog footer (3) Massive. I created this to express.. "Here I come bringing lots of mysterious things, are you ready?"