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Monday, October 18, 2010

Experience: Reef Walk

Going back to Boracay... My bestfriends and I had the chance to experience what they call "Helmet Diving" or popularly known as the "Reef Walk." Using a 30 kilo helmet (yes, i am not joking, its a 30... thirty... trenta... tatlumpu) that will be put on top of your head covering your entire head & neck. But don't worry as explained and experienced, the 30 kilo helmet will loose weight when under the sea. The 30 kilos will become a whopping 2 Kilos only! Amazing! Hehe!

Before we tried the helmet diving, we were still half-hearted. The mere fact that it's really scary below and plus the devil's advocate of loosing oxygen supply under. But since its a once in a lifetime experience in Bora, tapang-tapangan kami. 

Once you are under the sea and walking (literally), it was really a wow! You'll get to see fishes surrounding you. And of course, this can't be complete without these things - picture taking and video! 

Here's one of the pictures I wanted to share with you. We were playing "habulang gahasa." Guess who's the loser! :)

And of course I can't end this post without sharing the rate. We were 5 and we got this for P400/head. We were in Boracay last September of this year (off-peak).


Emmaleigh said...

aww! you should've posted some fishies too :D how long were u guys under water for?

Jag said...

400/head?that was quite cheaper...I had the same experience in cebu and it costs 1200/head...They call it aquanauts...(:

Mitchie said...

`ikaw na mayaman kuya behn .. hahah ! :))

Axl said...

wow Reef Walk.. kakainggit.. i want to experience that too... whahah....
ikaw na mayaman hehhe :D

Will said...

Wow.. balang-araw yayaman din ako! hehehe

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

WoW! just like what Jag said, its much cheaper compare to others. Pero di pa ko nakakaexperience nyan..

Parang ang saya..

klomster said...

parang ang saya, pero nakaka-kaba lang. di kasi ako marunong lumangoy. haha

sana matuloy kami sa bora this nov. :)

Benh said...

@Em oo nga no, di ko nailagay sa post kung gano katagal.. 30 minutes po. hehe!

@Jag un nga daw ung normal rate nia. pero since off peak sa Bora nung September, nakuha namin ng mura. hehe!

@Mitchie nye di ako mayaman.. I just use money to create memories ike this. Which has more value then?

@Axl pwede naman eh.. Sakto lang sa budget yan. hehe! pag napadpad ka sa Bora, try mo. astig.

@Will haha! hindi naman pang mayamang activity yan. adik. haha!

@MidnightDriver Masaya po tlga. akala ko din nung una korni eh.. Pero pag nasa baba ka na at maraming fishes, ayos tlga. hehe!

@Klomster ako din di marunong lumangoy! haha! Di ka naman lalangoy, maglalakad ka.. jowk. Wow, this Nov ba yan? wala kasing year.. chos! enjoy po! wait ko din mga post mo.

sikoletlover said...

waaaah you got yours again cheaper than ours.

it was an amazing experience. we didn't stay the whole allotted time cause i got bored and i'm starting to have a headache. plus i'm starting to imagine things like some sea monster might appear haha

Benh said...

@Sikoletlover magaling maghnap mga kasama ko.. basta pagtitipid. haha! aww.. sayang naman.. malamang sobrang kinakabahan ka na under. Good thing ok ka naman.