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Thursday, October 7, 2010


People always argue with different things. Be it academic, politics, showbiz, economics, relationships or any topic under the sun. But have you think why we did so? I know for years that you lived your life in this cruel world of us, you encountered people you have conflicts with. There's your sister, your brother, your parents, your friends, your girlfriend/boyfriend, ex-gf/bf's, your teacher, the mean girls, the mean boys?:), a stranger, etc. Soon, they'll become your enemies, which I hope not.

I believe that the root of people's continuous conflicts and arguments is due to misunderstanding. If people learns to communicate and empathize, there would be no fights and misunderstanding. I know that each of us have their own set of thinking and views in life... but its not about who wins and who concedes, it's about learning to accept the fact that you cannot persuade everybody. Learn to respect and I am sure, respect will be offered back to you.

Think about it, why do relationships never last? Isn't because of miscommunications? If they just sit for awhile and talk about their problems emphatically, will they broke up? I guess the answer would be not. Think about breakthroughs, email and text messaging increases the chance of misunderstanding and misinterpretations. With just an incorrect choose of words, it creates a perception, which in turn becomes a conclusions. It really happens.

I know that misunderstanding is already part of human life cycle and something that we cannot avoid. But it would be best if we try to understand the people we have conflicts with... think where they are coming and why do they think that way. Do not persuade them, instead understand them.

Do want to live an entire life without peace of mind?

I don't want to.


Axl G. said...

wow.. so nice blog entry ha :D
i agree on you. always learn to respect :D

Emmaleigh said...

Think about it, why do relationships never last? Isn't because of miscommunications?

actually that would be the last on my list. :D Relationships end on different reasons but the main thing would be because of INFIDELITY. And sometimes relationships do end coz of the simple reason that it was never meant to be. Not everyone we meet is supposed to stay in our lives, some will leave us leaving us some valuable lessons. I don't think a couple would just break up coz of a misunderstanding text. You'll have to argue first and defend yourself then work it out. Also, some couples break up coz one mate is psychotic. :D

I'm sorry that I had to differ on that part of your "argument".

The best way to deal with mis-communications? SHRUG IT OFF! Esp when you really don't know the person. :D

Benh said...

@Axl yup! that should be one of the list!

@Emmaleigh wow! I was amazed on your point here. Yeah, I agree with you.. it's not just about misunderstanding especially when we are talking about relationships that do not last. Although there are parts on your statement pertaining to destiny/fate and that people come and go, i strongly believe that its "us" who decides which is which. Misunderstanding would be one of the ingredients why relationships end. :)

Traveliztera said...
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Traveliztera said...

It's definitely one of the roots of conflicts. Also, it is true that not everyone is understanding and it's a sad reality but I guess the only way we can do to not make things worse is to just let them be. Yes, understand them. Everyone has their own points and I guess sometimes you have to sacrifice and give space to make things clearer. With regards to relationships, there are a lot of reasons why they never last. You and Emma do have great points. In the end, I wold have to agree that if you guys weren't really meant to be, no matter how great you worked everything out to stay together, no matter how true you were, no matter how everything had been great, you won't feel the completeness you're really looking for and you just end up breaking up... But of course, communication helps in working things out but yeah, there's no point if you guys weren't really meant for each other due to other circumstances...

Benh said...

@Traveliztera I agree not all are understanding.. or should i say not all have the patience to understand other people.. hehe! Do you also believe in destiny? i do not. hehe! :D