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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Experience: Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the attracting "To Do's" in Boracay. And for me, this would be the best activity so far. You will definitely enjoy your 15-minute ride with this big balloon, just like the feeling on a parachute! You will see how vast the sea once you saw this 100 feet above sea level. Not only that, you will definitely enjoy the cool breeze too. Me and my friend had the chance to experience this when we were in Boracay. We have it setup so when we rent for a ride, its around sunset time. And damn, everything was so perfect when you are up above! Not to mention a perfect background too! I hope I can share more pictures but unfortunately, we still unable to upload everything. Although the activity was too costly, we got it for P1,100/head, I can say that its really worth the price! Here are some of the pictures of my bestfriends enjoying the parasailing experience! :)


khantotantra said...

kainggit naman ang pagboracay.


ganda ng sunset

Benh said...

hehe! time to unwind lang.. rewarding ourselves! ikaw din try mo. :)

Emmaleigh said...

wow! sucha experience eh? I hope one day I'll be ballsy enuf to try it too. I'm afraid of heights, so yeah.. one day maybe I'll get to try

YanaH said...

loveddddd the sunset shot...
mukhang masaya sya..
hmmm there's only one problem though (for me that is)id be brave to try the heights but im too chicken to try the water.. hahaha it involves both hahaha..:D

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

Wow...sarap naman pare. kaya lang may fear of heigt ako.. kayanin ko kaya yan? :)

SuperDeej said...

WOW! That is so tough! Nagawa mo pang mag-picture sa taas. hehe

Kung ako yun ewan lang. Baka nahulog ko na cam ko. :)

Will said...

that's look fun! i wanna try that someday.

sikoletlover said...

parasailing was definitely the best activity we had in boracay. everything is so breathtaking. next time i'll bring a smaller camera so we can carry it above.

we had ours at 1,500/head. nanghinayang naman ako sa 800 petot :P

Benh said...

@Em you should try it! Face your fears.. :D

@Yanah haha! Enjoy naman siya as in. Kung kaya mo ang anchors away why not Parasailing? hehe!

@Midnight Iba tlga pag nasa taas ka na.. mawawala ang takot mo kasi maaappreciate mo tlga ang beauty ng surroundings.. :)

@SuperDeej uu nga eh.. haha! Nagvideo pa kami.. di ko lang pinost.. nahiya naman ako.. haha!

@Will looking forward for that!

@Sikoletlover super agree!! hehe! Pag bumalik ako Bora malamang eto lang ulitin kong activity.. haha!