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Friday, September 3, 2010


"It is an unendless ___________."
(I give my readers the freedom to supply any words you can think about and fits on the blank space provided.) 

We first saw the symbol of infinity when we were on high school, probably during the second year. And our teacher thought us that infinity stands for anything that is boundless. In terms of numbers, it's something that multiplies with no ending (which i think somehow related to exponentials. gotta review my math 101 :D). 

As I grow older (but still looks young), I learned that people also relates infinity to something  other than science or mathematics. We often see and hear the words like endless, never ending and walang hanggan... endless love, hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan, and so on. But are there really such things as infinite that are not pertaining to numbers and science? A simple question that I always ponder about. Do you believe that there are such things as endless or limitless?

Even life has ending... love has an ending... sorrow has an ending... a story has an ending.

Is it only faith that makes people believe that there really are such things as endless? People will argue with me that life has no ending, that when we die, we have another life after death. But, who knows if there really is? I guess no one can proove that. The only living proof that we know life after death is through our own religion. But does this all boils down to faith only? I still believe in the saying "To see is to believe" or better "To feel and experience it is to believe." Don't get me wrong, I am no aetheist. I also believe in God as the creator of mankind. I just sometimes challenge people's beliefs.

As of today, I still can't think of anything that doesn't last. Anything that has no boundaries, limitless.

Now, go back to my opening sentence and recheck the words you chose to fill the sentence out. Is that really true? I challenge you to complete the sentence, again. :)


Zyra said...

1st post!! toinks...
"it is an unendless change"
say, why change? Because I believe that the only permanent thing in this world is CHANGE. Everything changes, even in a split second something changes and change has been happening ever since we don't really know how long and really it's unending.

fumbledapple said...

Hello Kuya Ben! :D

For me, Kuya, nothing is endless. The existence of "end" lies also in abstract ideas and so as "unending." Right, we cannot prove that we would still hold a "spiritual" life after our death, but there's not even a single evidence to prove that it is not possible.

Don't get me wrong Kuya, but I believe more in the saying "Not seeing is believing," for believing in what we can see is not believing at all, it is instead, a memory, a knowledge that something exists. Faithing or believing is possible when we hold into some abstract idea and defend it.

In some simple illustration... We do not know the end of the universe, nor we know if the universe has an end. Science even testify that matter cannot be destroyed, thus saying that everything/anything will never lose its existence.

It is up to us to "believe." Kuya, we have a good God, Do you think that He would want to end our life? :)

Benh said...

@Zyra haha! true and agree.. although very general, this is applicable to everything. :)

@Fumdbledapple Hi too! Hmmm.. you have alot to share on this topic. You are right that endless happens in things that are not real or abstract. And believing is the driver of it.

You gave me a second thought on the saying "To see is to believe" but i think those were mere play of words. Anything that we experience is what we believe, that is how i understand it. Or simply because we can prove and disprove anything through experience. The simplest and most reliable way of explaining things around us.

On your last thought, I believe in God and his continuous power to make our life better and not to end it. On the first place, He created life for us. :)

It was a nice conversation fumbledapple. I would really want to argue with you on some topics.. anything under the sun. :D

fumbledapple said...

Then it would be my pleasure Kuya Ben. :)

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

it is unendless story!

Dahil ang istorya ng buhay ay walang katapusan. its a cycle ;-0

Benh said...

@Fumbledapple wink wink! ;p

@Midnight Driver we have different opinion on this.. hehe.. I think story has endings, be it good or bad.

Poldo said...

Hmmmmmmm tama wala ngang bagay sa mundo ang walang ending... ay meron pala magbilang ng stars shines in the dark sky... Gumaganown....

so i there for conclude that if someone told you "i will love you endlessly" pektusan ang ulo dahil wala namang pagmamahal na endless.,..

ang haba ng comment blog ko toh?

have a great day..

mr.nightcrawler said...

for me it's life...

Benh said...

@Poldo wala tlgang endless para sakin sa perspective ng reality. Pero pag pinasok mo na ang concept ng FAITH, ang bagay na hindi endless, pwedeng maging.. Kaya people says "endless love".. tingin ko lang.. hehe..

Talagang born comedian ka pre.. lagi kag may hirit na kalokohan sa bagay2.. haha!

@mr. nightcrawler talaga? you believed that life is endless? what about death? :)

devil_under_light said...

hi! what is up about challenging others beliefs? what do we actually gain by proving others wrong? :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

lahat may katapusan talaga..

Benh said...

@devil_under_light actually wala naman.. Cguro maganda lang na may something to argue about paminsan-minsan... nakakaexercise lang din ng braincells. hehe! salamat po sa pagdaan sa aking bahay.

@Arvin hehe! Do you think too? :)

Anonymous said...

it is an undendless.... Load? immortal text?no expiry? ehehe

Benh said...

haha! pwede! di ko pa natry yang immortal text na yan.. :)