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Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 Seconds to Mars

I just recently discovered this band "30 seconds to Mars." I was actually on the mall looking for a new headset/earphone to replace my IPod earphone since the right piece is no longer working. While strolling and looking for a store that sells good quality earphones, I passed by MAC store that sells, of course, IPod series. I tested and listened to one vacant free-to-listen ipod (but i listened not because I am interested with the Ipod since I already have my own IPod touch but to test the quality of headset they are using, which on that time is a Bose headset). But oooppss, that god damn headset cost P8000!! What the.. Before that, the song playing on the Ipod was a song from the band 30 seconds to Mars, "The Kill." I enjoyed the song and memorized the name of the band. The song was catchy and easily get my taste of music since I am into rock genre. When I got home, I hurriedly search the internet and downloaded that song. After sometime, I have discovered some of their popular singles and after a week, downloaded their 2 albums!

30 seconds to Mars have 3 albums based on my research.. "30 Seconds to Mars" (2002), "Beauiful Lie (2005) and recently "This is War" (2009). I have the 2 latter albums. Oh yes, I just discovered this band but they were already creating music way back 10 years ago. Their album Beautiful Lie was even at platinum sales. The band also won the MTV Music Awards for the video "The Kill." Why didn't i know them 5 years ago? hehe! :)

The band is composed of 4 members namely: Jared Leto (vocals), Shannon Leto (Drums), Tomo Millicevic (Lead Guitar) and Tim Kelleher (Basist). The band was formed in 1998.

With the help of youtube, I was surprised also that one of their song under the "This is War" album was used as an official soundtrack (OST) of the movie "Legends of the Guardians: Owls of the Ga hoole." The title of the song is "Kings and Queens." Superb!! Their latest single to date is "Closer to the Edge."


Traveliztera said...

i love them! ;D

Benh said...

haha! Super ganda ng mga songs nila! Playlist na sa ipod ko eh.. :D

fiel-kun said...

ayos naman pala tong band na toh. sinearch ko sa youtube yung Kings and Queens - nice song!

mr.nightcrawler said...

yup... matagal na nga yang bandang yan pero di ko gusto yung music nila. kanya-kanya lang anman yan. ayos :P

Benh said...

@Fiel try mo idiscover iba pa nilang song.. astig.. hehe!

@Mr.nightcrawler okei lang po un.. hehe! Agree naman ako na kanya2 tlgang trip yan. Are you into rock music ba?