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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aliens or time travelers?

Do you believe in aliens? These were creatures (sorry for the word, can't find anything that fits more) whom we know to have super powers and observe us from above with their Unidentified flying objects (UFO - disc shaped planes). They were usually described as more advanced creatures than human, who has the most advanced technology far from the technology we have right now.

Many reports claim a UFO sightings here in our planet and some really believed that humans were not the only creatures living in the galaxy. But is there really an alien and will the time come that the fictional  movie Alien Invation will really happen to the planet Earth?

I believe and at the same time do not believe that there are aliens. I believe that this creatures exist. But i think that those creatures riding with the UFOs were also human.. like us.

Yes. I believe that they are time travelers. You may think that I am crazy but think about it, they have the most advance technology and making a time machine would not be impossible. They are people who wanted to change something, some events in the past (which is our present) to correct the future. I do not believe on how movies physically describe them. They are also people.

I may be wrong. But this is just my opinion, belief and perspective. 

Aliens = Time travelers. Possible.


aryan said...

yeah, possible. i still believe in aliens though. they could be alien time travelers! O.o

Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...

ang galing ah~~~
pero possible na time travelers cla...baka nga mas techi pa cla kesa sa atin eheheh

goyo said...

tama. possible nga talaga to. marami ng pag-aaral ang ginagawa.. at ang mga ebidensya ay nagsalita na din..

Benh said...

@Aryan and also the way they describe them? just like in the pictures?

@Unni i think and believe so! :)

@goyo thanks for agreeing! gusto ko nga magresearch pa jan sa alien na yan kaso busy ako kakablog. hehehe!

khantotantra said...

may posibilidad. baka di lang time travel powers ng aliens

Benh said...

@Khantotantra - hirap ispell ng name mo baka madulas at mamispell ko.. hehehe! baka meron din silang xray visions! hehehe!

Aryan said...

possibly. malay natin may mga aliens na sa Earth, mga microorganisms pala sila. anything is possible. XD

Benh said...

haha! pwede.. scientific na talaga ang usapan ah. :)