Silence. Unspoken. Unstated.
Words. Terms. Expressions.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Long Kiss Goodbye

"How long before we see each other again?"
What made me think that you were saying it with a nice expression?
I pretend that there's nothing bothering me
I'll listen 'till morning as you make excuses
Because I want us to be connected

I don't even want to see your face along the river anymore
No development will come from this, my cell phone dances
If It's goodbye mail, I want to forget about it
"Hold me tight" but "I want to disappear to somewhere"
Any time that you're talking too much you don't seem to notice
I let you see that "I cry" a little while pretending to be strong
How well did those tears work on you?

Even though "I want to be loved" in my own way
It fills me, but I can't see you
I just have the feeling that I'll never see you again...
I want to tell you that, but I can't find the right words
Maybe it's okay if I lie, but I can't even say "Don't go away"

When our hands come apart
Will you forget someday?
About me?


optimistic dora said...

ohh, wat a teary-eyed post... lovely poem!

Benh said...

huhuhuhuhu.. relate? :)

optimistic dora said...

ahm, nope! hehe, a little lang pala..