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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its all about the Math

 I find this funny and interesting.. I just want to share... 

Step1>> To find a Woman you need Time and Money. Therefore,

Step2>> Time is Money so...

Step3>> Therefore,

Step4>> Money is the root of all problems

Step5>> Therefore,

Hahahaha! No Comment! :)


darklady said...

ay ganon? hmmm..di naman e..huhuhuhu

Benh said...

haha! no comment naman ako. natuwa lang ako sa formula nia.. pang A+! haha! :) good day!

aryan said...

ay mas mabait pa yan. yung nakita ko woman = evil e. kasi money is the root of evil. XD

Benh said...

haha! sobra naman. Super bitter na yun. haha! :))