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Friday, June 11, 2010

one tEXt

It is now my birthday and expecting alot of greetings.
from friends, family, long lost friends, officemates, my Bosses :)

But although I really think that She will me greet today, I didn't expect that it really did impact me. Just one text and boom!, here we go again. But, maybe the difference is I can now control myself compare to last time. I replied...

"Thanks. Ingat Lagi"

That's it... and back to what I am doing.

I really don't want to get affected again.


- Lestat :)


Renz said...

woaah..ganyang ganyan din ako nung birthday ko. isang text lang niya buo na araw ko :]

Benh said...

haha! muka bang nabuo araw ko nian? amp. wow in love ka.. gud yan!

BatangGala said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... ay belated na po pala. :)

Kayce said...

Belated Happy Birthday sayo! Smile naman dyan... hehehe!

darklady said...

belated happy birthday!!! naging happy ba ng bonggang bongga ang birthday mo? ^_^

LHEY said...

Belated Happy Birthday po!!! :)

Benh said...

Waahhh!! thanks po sa lahat! Di nga eh..chillax lang birthday ko.. tamang inom lang. hehe! ingat kayo guys!