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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I miss my laptop

It's been a month since my laptop have problems with software and I can't use it. I am using an Acer laptop. I decided to go to Alabang Festival Mall and have my laptop diagnose for the real cause of the problem and hoping to get a resolution and have it fixed. 

At around 3pm I arrived at the mall. Ride with the escalator and walk. And then, boom! I saw this store (i forgot the store name). They specialize in upgrading and fixing laptop and desktops. So I asked one of the store negotiator and explain to her the problem I am experiencing with my laptop.

The windows keeps on restarting and the power suddenly turns off after a while. The lady told me that my problem would be on the operating system (OS) and they want me to buy a license windows. I asked the sales lady if there would be no other way other than buying a license windows since I know that licensed windows cost a lot... and I am not willing to buy that. Not that I do not have money to buy it but i find it impractical to buy a licensed windows when I can buy a pirated version (hehehe!). So what I did, I went back home and buy a pirated version of Windows XP. I tried reformatting the laptop again. I am very nervous that my laptop will suddenly turn off again once i inserted the cd. To my surprise, it didn't. Hmmm... I guess the sales lady is correct. It does only need reformatting of OS... except that it does not need a licensed windows.. Haha! thanks to her, I got my laptop fixed. 

My laptop is doing ok now except that I can no longer retrieve my old files... and that's a BIG Crap!!

Now, I will definitely take care of my laptop again. I really miss using it. 

To sum it up, 

One Pirated Windows XP + reformat + hours of waiting = Fixed Laptop!

I am so happy! Yey! :)

- Lestat :)

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