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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who wants change?

The only thing that never change is the word CHANGE.
As we live our lives, everyday we feel change. From the simplest change of things around us... the weather, people we meet, urgent matters, sudden unexpected events and the like. But these were mere change that we seldom focus on. Some people may not even consider these as change but an instance and normal events occurring in our life. So when can we say that a change is a valid change and will really get our attention? I should say these  are the "major changes" in our life... the changes that could deliberately affect your norms, your ideals, your habits, your life and your philosophy.. and sometimes even your beliefs. I also consider facing challenges as part of the change.

Getting out of the comfort zone. I simply put the definition of change as going out of your comfort zone. That is the reason why most of the people don't want change. But for me, change is something we can't prevent and we should learn to accept. One word that is connected with change is RISK. And this may also be the next reason why change is something we don't entertain.

If you are encountering significant changes in your life now, you may be in one of the four phases below. Learn where you are and be aware of what will happen next. You'll never know, you already overcome change.

Shock. When change occurs, our first reaction is shock. And we, most of the time, do not know how to react to this. Its the first phase of change. 

Resistance. Normally we resist change. And this is the second phase of change. We always deny change and stick with the things that we normally do. Simply because we don't accept complexity of things and want everything to stay as it is.

Acceptance. After several attempts of resisting change, you will then undergo the phase of acceptance. You begin to accept change and live with it. Sometimes the reason why we dealt with this is we have no choice at all. We begin to adjust to change.

Discovery. During the phase of acceptance, you begin to learn and discover the brighter side of the change. You will see that the change you sometime resist is something that you really want to happen. You now appreciate change. Ü

Change is something we need not to resist. We just need to look, observe, analyze and think what good things "the change" can bring. You'll be surprise that the major changes in your life will be the start of something huge. Two words to summarize everything...



NoBenta said...

i am always open to changes. it's those changes that chellenges us and make our lives more exciting!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

if we want change then we want challenge in our life..hehe..

DeejSpeaks said...

Everyone deserves changes in their lives..=) There is nothing constant except change said Heraclitus..=)

But some people choose not to change anything because they are afraid to..=|

Benh said...

@NoBenta & Arvin - You are definitely right there my friend. Change is something people are afraid to face but we know at the end, it makes us better persons.

@DeejSpeaks - and that would be a normal reaction.. a stimulus. But we need to find ways to overcome this. :)

Thanks for sharing your views/opinions guys!

J. Kulisap said...

May mga pangyayari sa buhay na nagpapabago talaga sa nakasanayan na.

Araw-araw, pwedeng may mabago.

Benh, hi.

Benh said...

@J. Kulisap - agree naman ako. Hehe! life is full of surprise nga daw. it's tested. :))

Hi din po!