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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dreams within dreams [Inception Review]

 "Your Mind is the scene of the Crime"

Would it be possible to plan something on someone's mind, use the person's subconscious mind and steal from that person without him knowing? The only possible way is by penetrating through a dream and live on it as if its the reality. This is the main concept of the movie INCEPTION.

(inception - I am not sure what the real meaning of this word but in the movie it was defined as planting something on the dream of a subject (dreamer) and take something from his dream information or secrets that may not be accessible in the real world.)

In a dream world, the beginning is where the scene is... This one took my attention...
"Do you still remember how you get here?" said Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) to her architect. "Uhmmm.. We were..??.. Are we dreaming?
In your dream you are the creator and objects were created based on your "Projections." And when other people tries to change your dream world, I am not sure if they called it "EXTRACTION", the more it triggers the subconscious mind of the one dreaming to start doing self defense. What's the sign? The dreamers projections reacts and looks at you (on the scene, it's the people from the dream).

(Projections - anything that was created by the subconscious mind to create your dreams, like people walking, busy street or cities).

Aside from the concept that really caught my attention, another big thing that surprise and excite me is the layers of dreams that Leonardo and his crew planned to do. An inception from a dreamer in the reality, then an inception from a dreamer in the dreamer's world, and so on. A dream within a dream within a dream AND WITHIN A DREAM, again. You'll see lots of sleeping.. hehe! Lolz.. And the only way to do is a perfect plan and perfect crew composed of an extractor (Leonardo himself), an Architect, A forger and a person expert in sedative products. But the real catch is when the person who is dreaming dies on his dream, the people who extracted and live on his dream will be stuck in "Limbo". But for how long?

(to avoid too much spoiler, just watch the movie and find out why they tried to do this)

5 minutes of reality equates to an hour of living in a dream. When the concept of dream within a dream applies and the pursuing the plan of Leonardo and his crew, worst case, they can be stuck in a Limbo world for 50 long years! And live that dream as their reality. OMG!

You'll see in the movie that Cobb always spins an object (I am not sure what the name of that thing is). What is the purpose of that? Leonardo's only way to determine if he is awake or sleeping.  But why is he the only character doing this? Simple, he messed up and jumbled his reality with his dreams. This is his dilemma and an "OBSTRUCTION." Making his dream unstable. Leonardo has a side story on the movie but I would not dig deeper on that, it's for you to find out. :))

(Obstruction - anything that can make your dream world unstable)
But here's the twist... What if the person you tried to do the extraction and inception happens to be prepared and was trained to counteract possible dream extractions? Great adrenalin rush... find the answer on the movie itself. ^_^

 It's such an amazing movie and instantly became one of my favorites. Aside from the concept, you'll really think and excercise your braincells in this movie. That really counts big time for me. Highly recommended for people who love very unusual stories. Two thumbs up for me. I'll rate this 10/10!! :)

This is my interpretation of the movie. Any misinterpretation I quoted please let me know so I can make necessary changes. Brainstorming is welcome.. :)


khantotantra said...

husto kong panoorin sa sine to kaso napaghulihan na ako.

Benh said...

Nye di pa huli no. Kakapaood ko lang nitong Sunday. Astig ung movie [malamang kaya nageffort pa ko iblog to] haha! pero sulit tlga. Btw, nabasa mo trails ng comments sa post na "Boss Isang bucket pa nga!" EB daw sabi ni NoBenta.. haha!

NoBenta said...

dami ko nang nabasang positive reviews on this movie. panoorin ko siya pagbakasyon ko next month. walang sinehan dito sa saudi eh.

Benh said...

@NoBenta tlga? wow trivia yan ah.. wala na dyang pirated DVD? [talgang pirated eh no?] haha!

Jett said...

Wow, inintindi talaga yung concept ng 'inception'...
Ako simpleng pinanood ko nalang kasi sumasakit ang ulo ko kapag pinilit kong intindihin...
Mas naintindihan ko na yata yung movie dahil sa review na to, haha!

Benh said...

@Jett - haha! mejo napasobra nga ata ung review ko kasi muka na siyang spoiler!! Haha!

Thanks for dropping by!

klomster said...

The concept of 'dream within a dream' is my favorite! Sobrang astig talaga lalo na yung sa gravity.. nung nag-ffloat sila. hahaha

nice review! :)

Benh said...

Klomster!!! wala lang.. sigaw lang.. haha! salamat sa eport ng pagbabasa at pag appreciate. :D