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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What if...

What if we were wrong about each other
What if you were really made for me
What if we were supposed to be together
Would that not mean anything
What if that was supposed to be my house
that you go home to everyday
How can you be sure that things are better
if you cant be sure your heart ain’t still here with me
Still wanting me

Moving on is the hardest phase of being in love... because we cannot accept the fact that things have endings and we can no longer do about it but "let it be" and move on with our life. We keep thinking that there are still hopes and ways to bring back the old times. Then we also keep filling out the phrase What if?... But if you think about, keeping asking those questions to yourself will make everything worse only on your part especially when the one you are thinking those with had already chose another path in her life... and that journey is with someone else.

lyrics excerpt from: What if
singer: Babyface

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