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Saturday, July 3, 2010

people uniquely define love

Some people live their dreams
Some people close their eyes
Some people's destiny passes by 

As human being, God gave us the knowledge and the freedom to choose. Options that we choose based on our decisions and feelings. God created us unique with each other which makes everyone decides to certain things differently. Like how we perceive love, we define love differently. People love other people the way they understand what love is. Some are not afraid of whatever risks there is of loving someone.. Be it "not love back" or worst rejection. Some are afraid to express their feelings. This, on the other hand, turns to regret after awhile because they missed the chances to be happy... and let this just pass by...

lyrics excerpt from: I'll Be Over You
singer: Toto


Mharliz said...

choosing to let go of their feelings is part of their freedom to choose.. Rationalization and realization sometimes accounts to this choices ..

Benh said...

agree mharliz. :)

Renz said...

agree din sa comment ni ate.. :]