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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why do I love you

Why do I love you
Why did you hurt my heart then away
Why did you take my love away
Why do I keep on waiting
And hoping yet I know
That you could never be mine again...

There are cases in our life that we didn't mind waiting in vain for the rest of our life... for person that we truly love... waiting and hoping that someday she'll realize your worth and miss the moments you were together. But sometimes we often realize that somethings are not really meant to happen at all. Or should I say we deny the fact that things you wanted to happen will no longer exist... It's amazing how life changes in just a snap of a finger. You think she still needs you but its the either way around... she wants you out of her life... but despite this, you still keep hanging on. :'c

lyrics excerpt from: Why Do I Love You
singer: Metafour


Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...

emo mode??hayss di pa ba dumadating c wind??hehe

Benh said...

wala pa unni.. or baka naman iniignore ko.. hayyzzz.. ako muna emo, wag ka muna makipagduet sakin.. bawal ka.. hahaha!

Renz said...

so rtue.. ayy nasad tuloy ako lalo... Sakto sa nangyayari sakin ngayon

Benh said...

@Renz.. mahirap yan and don't wish to be there. hehe