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Thursday, July 8, 2010

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This was one of the training I have attended past months ago and wanted this to share through my blog. I find this very interesting and at the same time inspiring. The very first time I knew about this, I started thinking "Am I like this?" This is the 7 Habits by Stephen Covey. Here are the 7 things we need to know to become a better person, should I say.

  • Habit 1 Be Proactive - this tackles how we react to certain things happening in our lives. Its better to be proactive rather than being reactive. In being proactive, you strike a balance between your influence and your norms and made decisions out of it. I would say that people that are proactive tends to lean more on critical thinking and analyzing his/her surroundings. This is the start and your foundation as a good person. 
  • Habit 2 Begin with the End in Mind - not all people have definite goals that they pursue. The ability to write down your short-term and long term goal and track the progress of it is what the second habit is all about. You tend to focus on this goals [they called it big rocks] on your everyday activity and decisions because you do your things because of this goals. 
  • Habit 3 Put First Things First - Its very important that you know what task is your priority and should be done first. All works are important but some task needs to be prioritize and the key is to identify those.
  • Habit 4 Think Win/Win - in dealing with decisions that involves other people, the best decision would be those that benefits you and the other party, that's why its Win/Win! Avoid making decisions that benefits only one party. It can be applied even in having relationships with your other half.
  • Habit 5 Seek First to Understand Then To Be Understood - before someone understands you, make effort to understand them first. In that way, you can speak emphatically.
  • Habit 6 Synergy - Two head is better than one. Setting peoples differences and coming up of something better than doing alone. You should learn to work with your peers.
  • Habit 7 Sharpening the Saw -Sometimes you need a time out and time for yourself. This is building more yourself and balancing these factors: physical, mental, social and spiritual. Its good to take a break sometimes.

To begin with, "You need to start with yourself." and build yourself by following the habits in chronological order.


khantotantra said...

habit 4. :D

May pdf file ako nito pero walang training about this. hehehehe

Benh said...

hahaha! good readings yan.. nabasa mo na?

DeejSpeaks said...

I have read the book before. Siguro mga 2009 pa. I put it to practice pero minsan nakakalimutan ko din. Pero maganda ung book. =)

Benh said...

@DeejSpeaks yes! very inspiring book, although i don't have a copy of it. Ive checked sa powerbooks, pero di ko din binili.. hahaha!