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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Still Crazy After All These Years

I am crazy, people are crazy sometimes. And being crazy at times is fun and enjoying but not to the point that you are hurting anyone. The craziness I am pertaining to are moments or events in your life that are worth sharing. Those were memories that you will no longer forget and still on your mind until the present. On the other side, there are also people's craziness that makes us sad in an instance or in a moment. These are memories in our lives that we cannot forget and continue hurting us when in fact we should be forgetting them and buried them once and for all. But something inside of you keeps reminiscing these, for the most times that you don't want to... That's why I called this "crazy."

I just keep wondering why there are events in my life that I can't help to forget... but i want to forget! Its so damn unfair. What's worst is its the same pain you will feel back the time you first felt it. Can this be a sign that I haven't move at all? A sign that I didn't grow. Why are there moments in my life that were so painful back then but laughing at it now? Can't be all sad memories be like that?

I want to move on... and I know life goes on. Time won't stop for me and I know I must go with the flow of life. I may not realize people and things surrounding me already change except me. I don't want to be on that, i mean who wants to?

They say the book of life has many pages and chapters. Once one chapter ended, you will not close the book, instead move to the next chapter and continue filling out the pages.

Easier said than done.