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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Heart of Mine

One day, you may
find true love that will last forever and ever
'till then you'll spend
a lifetime wishing one together
You never thought she'd say goodbye
And you will never understand the reasons why

This is the hardest part of people's live. We mistakenly thought a person to be by your side for the rest of your life when in fact she'll just leave you in the end. People told me that its not bad to love someone and give your 100% but sometimes leaving at least 1% for yourself is better. True Love... how can we know if true love is already there?.. I guess no one can answer that but yourself and your heart. Heartbreaks are part of man's life. What's only unfair is we cannot dictate what our heart should feel especially in times of healing. Why does it hurts so much when you keep reminiscing your happy moments?... why does it hurt so much seeing her with someone else? Why...

lyrics excerpt from: Heart of Mine
Singer: Janno Gibbs



khantotantra said...

it sucks and it hurts when you see her with someone else but sometimes, the heart says that you should be happy when you see her smile and content even if the cause of the joy and happiness is not from you. :D

Benh said...

we should be feeling that way but i know its not easy.