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Friday, July 23, 2010

Know-It-All Guy.. Duh!

At some point in your life you will really meet a person who always pretends that he knows everything. Ok ok, let me correct myself... He may know a lot of things but that doesn't count that you know everything.

A Smartass... or a Smart Ass****!

I am not saying that being smart is stupidity. Of course, every person is smart in his own way. We either excel in English and "5.0" in Math OR an ultimate mathematician Newton wannabe and a noob on "spokening dollar". But there are people who wants to be both good in math and proficient in english. And the truth is, there really are these people. Bow to you guys!^_^

But how do I differentiate an intelligent person to a know-it-all person? I used to call those know-it-all guys smart people. But that was before not after they pissed me off. Yes. It's very annoying and what really bugs me is when they tried to question everything... I mean EVERYTHING! Simple things that they want to complicate. I don't know what's their point of doing that. Do they just want to give an impression that they are analytical? But the truth is sometimes their questions and points of views were off tangent!

I know I may sound biased on this post but I really can't find the sense of doing such things... where in the world can anyone tell me that what they are doing is something healthy to the people around him? Yes it may exercise your braincells for a couple of minute but you'll just noticed that you are already wasting your time trying to explain everything. Worse, wasting your braincells for stupidity of other people.

And to my observation, most of the know-it-all guy uses foul languages or should I say lacks the choices of appropriate words to use.

And they have only 1 rule. "I win, you lose... no matter what"

Can anyone shed me some light here? I'm sorry but I think I am totally losing my grip.


khantotantra said...

i hate know-it-all persons too. Actually i have a friend that i s like that. There are cases where in it gets to my nerve but i don't want to cause a commotion. It's annoying when all topics, as in ALL, he would say something (relevant or irrelevant). Its like are he is a defective kuya kim. :D

But all i can do is to make simple banat like.
"sige, ikaw na! ikaw na! ikaw na may alam!" :p

Benh said...

Haha! mukang epektib yan ah.. kaso sa mejo close mo na.. ung sakin kasi hindi ko close. mapapel lang tlga. pinabayaan ko na, mastress lang ako.. hehe!

Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...

waaahhhh benh nakakastress nga mga taong ganyan,,,parang hello cge ikaw na ikaw na may alam accdg kay khantotantra hehehe...
know it all nga pero di naman cum laude hahaha,,ai sorry naman nakakaasar lng kasi eh feeling nila ang galing pero minsan mas stupid pa sila sa mga stupid,,,ano daw hehe,,hala sorry hilo pa ng konti~~

good day~

Benh said...

Oo nga eh.. di mo alam kung san pinaglihi.. I hope sa sobrang pagka know-it-all nila eh malaman din nila na muka na silang stupid.. sana ang itanong naman niya eh..

"Teka, muka na ba kong tanga?"

Kasi un lang ang tanong nia na sasagutin ko ng matino! haha!

Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...

ang sagot ko sa tanong eh~~ai di ka mukhang tanga,,tanga ka talga dahil sa tanong mo hahha,,,,bad ko noh hahah

Benh said...

Haha! Pwede. Mas malupit yan.. kaso baka bugbugan na yan after.. tamang pahaging lang. like..

Hindeeee... (sarcastic). Haha!

Awww Unni we are so mean!! ^_^ lolz.

darklady said...

ay naku ako din na sstress sa ganyang tao. feeling nya sya na magaling sa lahat. nakakasira sila ng araw at kagandahan. hehehe

tim said...

yup that is true.. well ugali talaga yan ng tao na akala eh magaling, at the end wala naman palang magawa... thank you sa pag visit..

Benh said...

@Darklady thanks for the empathy. Kung san sila masaya eh pabayaan na lang.. wag na lang pansinin.. hehe! di na ko papaapekto next time. :)

@Tim correct. di ko alam if they want to prove something. ewan ko ba.. hehe! thanks sa comments.

NoBenta said...

only the stupidest people spend time on the simplest things to make it complicated.

Benh said...

@NoBenta - I totally agree with you.