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Friday, August 20, 2010

nearing death

I feel the pain growing in my chest as I lay on the rough ground. My heart keeps pounding very hard and it’s getting harder and harder. I feel my whole body… the pain slowly eats me, I wanted to scream but voice was not coming out of my mouth or maybe I wasn’t hearing anything at all. Murmurs… all I hear are murmurs from my surrounding. I feel like an alien who cannot understand their language, it only echoes in my ear. Suddenly my body is getting numb and the pain is slowly fading… should I be happy that the pain is gone?
My sight is getting blurry and I can no longer recognize the objects in front of my face… I see only movements but not as definite as I view things previously. A ray of light suddenly appears in front of me. It’s very bright that can blind anyone who directly sees it. Pictures are moving fast In front of my naked eye… I realize that they are no ordinary pictures, they are my memories. They move like a speed of light… so fast yet it slows down to a part of my memory seeing my family…
We are very happy. Smile was always in the lips of my wife… then we hug each other… kiss each other. A few seconds I saw her waving and tears starts to drop in my eyes. What did I do? Why am I here lying and deeply breathing? Why? I wonder.
The lights are now slowly fading and darkness is slowly conquering my vision.  Darkness covers half of my sight just like how a moon blinds a sun. God forgive me, I have become a sinner.  It’s over… it’s finally over.
I was lying on the ground… alone.
Everything stops then suddenly there’s peace.

Just get curious on the concept of dying and death itself. I am also curious what dying people think and feel when they are on that part of their life. Is this really something we should fear? The post above describes how a criminal dies and purely based on my imagination. Again, just my imagination. :D


darklady said...

talagang nagpaliwanag na imagination mo lang yan.hehehe
Galing ng post mo! pero syempre pag nakakapagsulat ng ganyan ang isang writer may pinaghuhugutan yan diba? ^_^

Benh said...

@Darklady mahirap na baka akalain eh naexperience ko na yan. hehe! hmmm.. may pinaghuhugutan? Meron ba? haha! Salamat sa komento! :D

nafacamot said...

ayuz sa olrayt... galing galing bossing...

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

Nice.. i thought may kinunan kang book.. very smooth and may tagos at kurot ang post na to!

Kipitup dude! :-)

Benh said...

@nafacamot salamat po! ano nga ba ang dying satin?? un lang naman naging tanong ko kaya ko nakapagpost ng ganito.. :D

@Driver salamat pre. Wala namang reference... sadyang malikot lang utak ko. haha! :D

Jag said...

I love how this writing goes...kakaibang imagination meron ang gumawa nito...

Keep it up!

Poldo said...

Sometimes it comes in my mind what if i'm dying what will be the feeling. whats next after that.. nakakarelate hehehe..

salamat sa pagshare ang ganda!


Benh said...

@Jag salamat pre!

@Poldo i felt the same when i wrote this. What is life after next?