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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You can't have the best of both worlds.

You need to choose.

Sometimes, we are only allowed to choose once.

and the other choice will no longer be an option.

When you finally decide to choose...

hold on with it... fight for it... live with it.


'cause sooner you'll realize...

there's no turning back.


YanaH said...

this is so true..
sometimes, u only get one chance..
one shot at life..
its like a make or break..
and whatever it is you choose,
you get to live with it for the rest of your life
and you can turn back the time and rewind the things that happened..


Ako si Yow said...

Need I say more? I sooo agree. Kaiikli ng post mo pero nanununtok. Haha

Anonymous said...

tama ka there's no turning back,,,
kaya nga choose the best dba para viva~
teka bakettt parang madrama ito ha benh ahihi~~


Anonymous said...

Making a choice is not easy, especially when it's a battle between your heart and mind.
Hence, we tend to settle on what is right over what we really want just because we are forced to choose.
and that is the most heart-wrecking situation you can ever get yourself into.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

tama ka dito..maikli ang post pero malaman..

sikoletlover said...

taking the first irreversible step of choosing/deciding is the hardest part.

Benh said...

@Yanah Correct! and worst, you sooner realize that you chose the wrong one.

@Akosiyow ahehe! salamat po. di ka naman nagkablackeye nian? hehehe! :)

@Unni wala lang po, trip lang! hehe! teka, asan na ung eyeball natin nina polds?? nasa manila kpb?

@eyn between a battle of mind and heart, who always win? who, among the two, make a person happier? and when I say happiness, it's happiness forever. If you choose the what-you-so-called "right" then hold on to it. But try also to ponder, is the "right" just right for the meantime or would turn to be wrong through time?

@Arvin hehe! pwede ba makain to.. malaman eh! :D Salamat po!

@Sikoletlover that is what you call bravery & risk. :)

tndcallphilippines said...

how so very true. :)